10x28mm Diamond Carbide Insert (Ci4)


Replacement for Ci4

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Carbide is the edge of choice for turners because it stays sharp maintaining its cutting edge up to 20 longer than HSS! This carbide insert fits many of the woodturning tools on the market today. Insert is supplied with an alloy #4-40 x 5/16″ flat cap screw. The mounting hole in the insert is 5/32″ with a standard countersink. Orders of 3 or more come with a replacement 1/16″ allen wrench. Fits: Easy Wood Tools (Any tool using Ci4 insert cutter), Easy Start Detailer, Mini Easy Detailer, Mid-Size Easy Detailer, Full-Size Easy Detailer, Pro Easy Detailer, Pennstate Industries Carbide Magic Detailer and Ultra Carbide Chisel system, Craft Supplies Easy Pen Tool, many others!


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